The application downloads to exceed iOS downloads from the iTunes Music Store

The number of music downloads that are made from the iTunes Store, since its launch on April 23, 2003, has grown ever. And, event after event, Apple has boasted the sales pace through it.
But according to statistics, within little more applications downloaded from the App Store for IOS devices those songs from the iTunes Music StoreMoreover, if everything remains as before (with a rate of thirty million downloads monthly applications) in March would come that time.
On the one hand, analysts justify the higher rate to the fact that many users advertise more applications from the App Store purchase the music they buy. On one hand I agree, social networks like Twitter or Facebook not including numerous blogs more applications are recommended songs, but on the other hand the use of services like Spotify (music via streaming) have affected the way we consume music , something that surely already know Apple. Sure, as mentioned in Internet FreakZ, it's time for iTunes to the jump to the cloud.
Conclusion, it is logical that the excess application downloads the music even more if we consider that Apple has sold 90 million iPhone and iPad 7 million. And that each user makes an average of sixty applications downloadsA real madness of numbers that represent

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