Facebook gets more visitors than Google

Google is the "King of the Internet", a symbol of the World Wide Web, the site number of eg in  Alexa rankings, top search engine and a benchmark for internet and technology , but what happens when a social network for Most users who are almost addictive makes its appearance, This network is certainly Facebook and as we all know is the number one social network internet, the second site in many rankings and some call it "a fraud" but whatever Facebook received more visits than Google in 2010 in the United States , this means that there is someone able to give battle to the "Giant of Internet" and may steal the throne some day, but it is something that only time will tell, What do you think of this constant battle between Google and Facebook?
Facebook in 2010 became the most visited website in the United StatesImpressive growth, if we consider that a year ago he finished in third place, behind mail.yahoo.com. What other conclusions can we draw from the data? Microsoft is now recovering. While mail.live.com fell some places, msn.com grew and we can see in tenth place with Bing, another great rival of GoogleBut clearly not everyone grows up and not going to surprise a lot of the sites whose traffic has declined, Yahoo and MySpace, companies that are making news every day by internal problems and uncertainty about their future.
As a curiosity and to make it very clear that both Facebook and Google are spreading “the cake ": the network was in the first place, but if we combined all the Google services search engine company would not have given the place of honorAnd yet, you want to know what are the two most searched terms over the year in Google? So, first word is "Facebook" and secondly "Facebook Login". Do you think that parity will be maintained over a few years and think that Facebook will continue to grow at these levels?

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