New BMW X6 Review and price

BMW X3 is renewed, launched in 2003 and until now sold over 600,000 copies. The second generation X3 will have a new platform that features the X Drive all-wheel drive with torque distribution between the two axles under standard conditions and up to 100% in situations of low grip. In the course of 2011 will be further introduced the Performance Control system designed to transfer up to 80% of the total torque on the driven wheel outside the trajectory, while the inside is slowed in order to facilitate travel in curves. This device can be combined with the Electronic Damping Control to manage the response of dampers, gas pedal, steering and transmission according to operating modes Normal, Sport and Sport Plus engine range consists of two units, one diesel and one petrol. It starts with 2000 cc diesel engine of 184 hp xDrive20d, while the top is the xDrive35i equipped with the 3.0
The new BMW X3 will be previewed at the Paris Motor Show (2-17 October).

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How to choose a good and free antivirus ?

Free antivirus software is better for private use, and you can change it if you want if you have problems use.
It is certain that all antivirus programs are now effective, but some are still more than others and use their functions are sometimes very different. It is best to choose a product easy to use initially.
Free antivirus software is more appropriate for private use, it allows you total freedom. 
You must also take into account the resources needed by your antivirus software to function properly because there is a real difference from one model to another.
If your computer is more early youth, it is recommended to purchase in a range that use fewer resources to avoid "planting" your machine.
When you buy antivirus software, and if you are new to the subject, it will be better to make your first purchase from a specialty store where a vendor can advise you. But be sure to meet the performance of it in "system properties" to choose the best for your PC. Thereafter, you can buy or renew the license online.
Some ISPs offer a package comprising a virus with their offers Internet access. Remember you are not obliged to take: in general, if your computer is new, it does not really cause you to worry, but otherwise, it will be another problem, as I informed you shows a little higher!

Specifically, it is preferable to opt for free antivirus software, because if you ever need to change ISP, you will not have to choose a new one!

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4 Factors and tricks to make your blog popular and for getting high traffic

When you decide to create a blog, it does for us because it's always interesting to share his knowledge, but also seeking many loyal readers who leave comments in order to live the blog.

For it is true that writing in his corner did nothing exciting and if no one reads your articles, it is questionable usefulness of the blog in question.

See all different tricks to make your blog popular.

1. If people come on blogs, is essentially to find quality information on what they like or to find the solution to their needs. Therefore, your articles must be informative. So do not make the sales pitch to promote your products or those of your colleagues.

2. With the advent of private label rights, you can find articles written so that it is enough to add on his blog. If you are considering this solution, CAUTION. Why would a person it on your blog if you provide the exact same content as several other blogs. You might pass for an amateur. It is best to use these articles as a source of inspiration to create unique items on the market.

3. Feel free to use humor in your articles or writing sentences a bit provocative that you can say aloud what others think quietly? Be yourself! People return because they learn new things while having a good time.

4.  To bring the world on your blog a very simple method is to visit the blogs of your colleagues and once you've found an interesting article, simply leave a comment with a link pointing to your blog. This will also help you maintain good rapport with them and maybe they will talk about your blog in one of their articles.

the most important thing is to focus on the quality of your articles, then making the promotion (comment on blogs, posts on forums with a link in your signature ...) you will get visitors to become loyal readers.

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What is Adsense- Definiton, How to earn money through adsense, rules of Adsense, Getting high traffic to website, choice of keywords

What is Adsense?

It is an affiliate program set up by Google.
Once registered, you edit a part of advertising. You can indeed choose the size, content (text and / or images), and the colors at leisure ...
A robot will then scan your web page, and adjust the frame content based on your site.
Each time a visitor clicks on one of the links, the click will be recorded and converted into money (about 5-50 U.S. cents ... variable).
Note in passing that you can find modules Adsense everywhere on a lot of sites! This is by far one of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet. In addition, the links often make a reader ...

What can I expect to win?
It depends on the number of clicks per day, so the number of visits to your site or blog ... For example, if you have 100 visitors per day rely say 3 clicks on the ads if your Adsense module is not misplaced, about 5-50 U.S. cents per click ... A good entrepreneur earns 10 to 500 euros per day! ...
To dream a little, you will find the biggest gain with Google Adsense
Adsense is profitable for sites with heavy traffic! There is an additional means of income with little investment.
But let's be realistic, during the first days of your sites that would be nice if you have 5 clicks per day!
Hence the importance of an excellent reference for more visitors.

They are too numerous for us to list them all ... Key. Indeed, some have even written books and e-books whole, books that have proved to be bestsellers ...
- Attention to the format used! Too big, you hide the contents of your site too small, the reader will not see it ... So, avoid the modules Adsense not making a line of height!
- Attention to the location of modules! Do not put clearly in a footnote in a corner ...Instead; you must arrange to make your Adsense STAR module on your page! The ideal is to be included in the text of your page, making sure to blend colors. The idea is thus to encourage the reader to read the content, make it a must.
- Beware of colors chosen! This is fundamental.
- Observe the number of clicks and traffic to your pages. Feel free to change the format of the modules of your Adsense pages and observe the impact on the number of clicks.

Obviously, the purpose of this chapter is not to show you how to exceed revenues by more than 30,000 € monthly big winners ... but as you can see in some comments in forums, it is quite possible to obtain very substantial income through Adsense. € 70 per day for a start, it is still a tidy sum at the end of the month, and at that price you can afford to pay an SEO to 2000 € year ... it will quickly pay for itself!
Customers do not always set great store by the words "Sponsored Links" Adwords and Adsense can therefore very quickly:
- Increase traffic to its website
- Increase awareness of its website
- Increase its turnover

We will show you the 3 factors that can help you increase your revenue through Adsense.
First factor is a high traffic
You may have created the best site in the world, if not visited, you have no chance of obtaining sizeable income.
Plus you have visitors, more clicks you get, and thus income.
Second factor is the choice of keywords
We have already seen in the previous chapter how to choose his keywords. Indeed, the ads come from the Adsense program advertising program called Google Adwords.
In this program, advertisers pay for each visitor that Google sends them, and the price of the visitor is determined by an auction principle.
So, the more competition among advertisers, the higher the price per click increases.
In Adsense, you touch a part of what Google receives from the advertiser. So the more the advertiser pays the price, the more you make money!
And the advertiser is targeting the ads based on a selection of keywords.
You must find those keywords that advertisers pay a very expensive and you can increase your Adsense revenue.
Our advice: Make your list of keywords as we've learned to do in the chapter on traffic and SEO. This is to inform you via Adwords.
Then you can concentrate on the keywords most profitable Adsense! Prefer them in your Adsense ads.
Third factor is size and positioning of ads
Allow only 1 to 8% of visitors will click your Adsense links. Based on this principle, you should therefore seek to increase this percentage up to encourage the visitor to click on your links.
Remember, it is explicitly forbidden to encourage users to click on Adsense links with phrases like "click here" ...
Similarly, it is forbidden to click on his own ties, whatever the reason!
Google reserves the right to permanently remove the account in question, and they do not joke about that!
A lock of "invalid clicks" has been established, it is effective.
However, if you follow this simple rule, then a door opens to you wonderful.

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How to develop an attractive blog or websites- 9 Important steps for bloggers

1.                  Buy a hosting. This step will serve if you want to modify your blog as you like as the blogs hosted by wordpress. Com has many limitations. In this way you can also store all the photos you want for your posts.
2.                  Change of theme (template). Whether wordpress to blogger there are many free templates all over the Internet. Just be sure to save your old template in case you need and be aware that changing the template you'll need to add all your new gadgets (widgets, plug-in, scripts, your own modifications, etc).
3.                  Increase the number of posts. One of the most rapid and simple rule for your ranking is to write more and more posts. The more posts you have, the more likely to have written something that users seek and at the same time you give Google more options for you position. Not to mention the possible links that could be achieved if the contended of your posts is interesting. For example if you wrote 2 times a week, up to 3, if you wrote in March, rising to 4 and so according to your possibilities.
4.                  Hook your readers. Two of the many ways to do are: Advertise your feeds on your sidebar and at the end of each post. And give the possibility to follow any comments on a post of interest (wordpress).
5.                  Start using twitter. Enough to meet new bloggers get readers and publicize your posts.
6.                  Interact with Other bloggers. You can participate in initiatives, sweepstakes and contests organized by other blogs. Just by participating you will know other blogs and bloggers, while your blog will be known by them.
7.                  Includes references in your posts. Sometimes when we write something, we do based on our previous knowledge or information that we find on the Internet. But for our readers probably are not too familiar with the subject, it will be much more useful links also some possible sources that we have served. Thus our blog you will really be helpful.
8.                  Promote your blog. There are many ways to promote your blog. You can use many directories for that. Online forum is also a way to get high traffic.
9.                  Potential additions. Take all the widgets, plug-in and other things that you can add to your blog if they are really useful, not as mere decoration. In addition, post images and videos that relate to your posts or in your sidebar, something that will give a bonus to your log.

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