How to succeed in Adsense ? Easiest way to earn money

One thing is certain and very true ... there are many people who are making money with Google Adsense. However there is another large number of Webmasters who do not get significant figures or are close to zero. As discussed in this section on Adsense, there is no mystery in how to get a better income, even if having some points in mind such as colors and placement of ads (ads). Here you can read some steps that will improve the placement of Adsense on your site, and therefore increase your income.

Try placing Adsense ads
Many people prefer to place their ads (Adsense ads) on the right side of your website. Others prefer to distribute on both sides. Many placed directly Webmaster Adsense blocks of three or four rows distributed across the site (maximum 3) and others are more modest and only put a row in the top and one on the bottom.
Not all pages are equal so you need to try different placements and go checking your Adsense account to check the results and see what works best for you. You can look at other websites to see how they play with the placement of ads and imitate his style. Once you've found your ideal position, you've taken a big step in improving your income.

Make tests with the appearance of your Adsense ads
Use the color palette in the administration area of your account, to match or make more attractive the appearance of your ads in your Web environment. Try changing the border color of your ad, the same color as the background of your Web site, which will make it invisible.
Also try to change the color of links in your ad, the same as the other links on your site. Make your Adsense ads will melt the remaining contents of your web page, clearly shown that increases profits significantly. Generally, people avoid advertisements. But when the ads are like the rest of the content, visitors will click through the links, even knowing that it is an advertisement.
One very important thing you should know is that you always use the Google color palette to make changes. Not vary directly as the code would go against the rules of Google.

Please be specific in each of the pages in your Web
If you have a website about diving, one of your pages can be oxygen cylinders, one on diving suits, one on fins, etc.. Try not to mix components on one page even if they are related in the general theme. Keep the subject matter on each page to get more relevant ads on it. This will increase your income because the ads match the content of that page which is what the visitor was interested.

Keep track of your account records Adsense
What are you interested in relevant ads on your pages to increase the average number of clicks. Doing a study on the results of your Adsense account you can detect which pages are working better or worse. With these results, you can make changes as appropriate, on pages that do not work too well. For example, you can add keywords that best define the page and attract better ads.

Traffic increases
More visitors mean more clicks on your Adsense ads. A simple but very important formula for your pocket. Use all methods at your disposal to increase traffic to your website. Use SEO techniques are well known. Post in forums and add your signature in the URL of your Web site. This will cause other visit your Web, you know to know and also create external links which are good for improving the 

search engine positioning. Use Google Adwords to attract more visitors to your web. As you see, several methods are available.

Add content frequently
As mentioned already but it is better to remember, the more pages you have, the more likely to receive clicks, we will generate profits.
Please stay informed and learn new things. Read everything you can and separates the illogic of the practical. Working with Adsense is easy but takes time and dedication.

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