How to Choose the Best Platform for your Blog ?

One of the most interesting ways to earn real money on the net is to start a blog.
If you want to start creating your blog, you will no doubt face a variety of choice of blogging platform.
However, you should know that it is very important not to wear his choice on a blogging platform, which despite all your efforts, do you bring back anything interesting.
You agree with me! Good!
In the rest of this article, I will save you time by revealing the top two platforms that are useful for generating money.
But first, let me give you my simple definition of what a blog platform.

What is a Blog Platform?
A blogging platform is software that can turn your writing into a website that can be easily navigated and accessed by users worldwide.
Despite the number of blog platforms that exist on the net, there are only two basic choices you must consider when it comes to success in blogging.
I mean: WordPress and Blogger.
Both platforms have each advantages and disadvantages.
And before taking a decision, you should read carefully the advantages and disadvantages of each of these platforms to choose one that suits you.

1) - Blogger
Blogger has several advantages.
It is very easy to use for beginner bloggers. You have nothing to install.
Within 15 minutes you can create your blog. Simply follow a few instructions.
Moreover it is free and totally free to use.
You can easily post your messages or change the look of your blog in order to get a professional look.
The biggest advantage of Blogger is that it is for GOOGLE™ the leading search engines.
Therefore, you are quickly indexed by its computer robots, from the creation and publication of your blog
Regarding disadvantages, almost all have now been updated.
Now, Blogger allows you whenever you want, turn your domain name into for $ 10 per year, with the possibility of using some Google services such as Google Mail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, your domain name purchased.
His biggest flaw, others see the advantage is that all files and content that you post are hosted on its server.
This means that you do not really own your blog.

2) - WordPress
WordPress is also a popular blogging platform like Blogger and free.
To customize your WordPress blog, no need to worry.
There are plenty of WordPress themes that you can find on the net, not to mention the plug-in that allow you to increase the functionality of your blog.
But you must know that WordPress is not without problems.
It is not as user friendly as Blogger, which can intimidate beginners.
You'll also have to spend to get your domain name and a hosting server for your files before using it.

- Conclusion -
Now you know what platform to use to create a blog that makes money.
Despite the disadvantages of both platforms, the majority of professional bloggers is their choice on WordPress.
Just because they prefer to have in their possession all their files in order to modify the content in the future as they see fit.

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