Where to go for training in Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Junkies lives, breathes, eats and thinks Engine Optimization. We are not only true addicts of the art of pushing your website on first position on the results of search engines  but as real bitter, we love above all others convert people use search engine optimization tools and creating new addicted to this sector.
This transfer of training takes place in what we like to call the "University SEO Junkies. During a full day, we suggest intensive training in SEO, organized a seminar for a small group. We organize transfers that fewer than 5 people to ensure a total commitment, and ensure that delegates from the bottom of the class do not feel neglected. And that is how we guarantee that the / websites of each delegate shall be recorded and analyzed in order to fit our guidance and instruction is relevant and useful for you or any changes to your websites.
The training is designed for technical developers and marketing managers who require specific knowledge and rapid optimization is to properly manage their projects and achieve results. The approach is very flexible, and assignments are directed by an expert in SEO counted for roughly 10 years of experience in the sector.
In addition to all the knowledge, practical advice on the real world of SEO "strategies, we will provide a written summary practice, an illustration program that will help you with your SEO campaigns, and we offer the course meals, refreshments and snacks. 

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