How to add music or songs to blog ?

There are many blogs that talk about music, lyrics, groups, singers. There is no genre that leakage from blogs: pop, rock, classical ... Music Blogs are an extraordinary symbiosis ...
Radio Blog, which we talked about before, allows you to insert audio-blogs with music through the insertion of a simple copy and paste codices, which allows us to play our favorite song in any post.

How to put music on my blog: Steps
1. You go to Radio Blog and select a song or a favorite group or singer (put name in search box).There is modern classical music through all styles of music.
2. Pinches the arrow blue side of the track you have selected.
3. To the right is a code that you can copy and paste into your blog. Before you can select the colors of the audio blog ... You must paste the code in the html of your blog listed on the post.
A Fashion embed videos
now joins the possibility of inserting thousands of songs in your blog ... So to post and listen to your favorite music and sharing it with your friends.

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