Five tips for proper data imaging

1st Records correctly identify
Rename all records carefully. Only then you can decide what updated, deleted or saved to be. Mark the data content, date, origin and use.
2nd Create awareness in the company
Educate your staff and appoint a qualified employee to contact for issues of data backup. Make clear to all, my question once too often than once too few. To avoid, for example, that important warnings of software programs to be confirmed easily, without the consequences.
3rd Disk mirroring
Mirror your data in real time - especially when the locations separated. Save the data but still on other media. For with a virus are often affected both locations.
Fall back to external service providers. They have professional and virus-data that you can use over the Internet.
4th Periodically check
Disk copy, label and archive them fall - when data security is often tedious routine tasks. Make all the more reason to compliance with the measures. Talk to negligence immediately and unequivocally to. For in the Ernst case, missing or incorrect data even threaten the existence of your company.
5th Keep your eyes open
Hold the typical threats to company data is always in mind:
§                  Data is not updated.
§                  Data is incorrectly named, and are then traced.
§                  Data is accidentally deleted.
§                  Locations are destroyed (eg, fire damage).
§                  Employees or external persons sabotage.
§                  The power to take over-or under voltage.
§                  Data are attacked by viruses and other digital pests.

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