How to install AVG Anti-Virus Free ?

Run the file avg71free_407a808.exe. The screen that appears gives you a warm welcome to the installer of AVG, talking about the copyright of the program (Copyright). Just click on Next to proceed.
The software license agreement will be exposed, and the agreement containing the terms of use. If you want to continue with the installation, click Accept (Accept).
On the next screen displays a message saying that you accept these terms.

AVG Anti-Virus is free for personal use, installation in any other environment, such as commercial, educational, government, NGOs and others is a breach of contract.

Again click Accept (Accepted) if you wish to continue.
AVG Free Edition will scan your system to check computer settings.
On this screen the user can choose the type of installation you want: Standard (Standard) and Custom (Customizable).

We chose the default installation to suit most users, since the other type of facility is viable for more advanced players.
This is the window where you confirm your user name and license number. To confirm click Next.
Here the installer provides the following information: the destination folder of the installation, licensed user and the type of license. 

Click Finish to start the setup finally the installation of the antivirus.
Installation of AVG Free Edition is in progress. Wait.
The virus was successfully installed! Just click OK.
Then, AVG will automatically open, displaying a screen to update the definitions for viruses and threats.

Click Check for Updates (Search for updates) for the software to update itself.
Choose between downloading the settings from the Internet or load them from a particular folder on your computer (if you have the settings of AVG on the PC).

Click the Internet to connect to the network and get the latest updates.
Second, there is a window stating the size and version of the update files to be installed. Just click on Update.
Here AVG downloads updates. Hold the bar is full, and then click OK after its completion.
Returning to the guide (Step 11), click Next to proceed.
On this screen you choose to create a rescue disk. The safety disk contains all the files needed for you to play your AVG SOS - an application can retrieve vital parts of your system in case of infection.

If you want to create one, click Create Rescue Disk (Create safety disk), otherwise click Next to proceed.

We opted not to create it in this installation guide, check out the user's guide to learn more about this tool.
In the next window, AVG pronounced protection for your e-mails, offering a tool that scans all messages sent and received in the mail. Click Nextto proceed.
Now you can scan your computer for the first time. If you want to scan it, then click Scan Computer! (Scan your computer), otherwise just clickNext to proceed.
AVG users can access the official forum of the software with tips and technical support for this, just register it by clicking the Register AVG Free.

Unfortunately this forum is only available in read for users of version Free. To continue, click Next.
Finally we reached the end of the guide. It shows a message saying that your computer is protected.
Your AVG Anti-Virus is fully installed!

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Anonymous said...

I want to have a laptop that is resistant to a virus attack, I will install AVG, thank you guidance.

November 27, 2011 at 5:28 PM

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