How to hide the navbar in blogger without deleting

The next trick is to hide the navbar (yes, "that thing up" that some hate and
Others love) without deleting it. That is, you will see the blog fine, but when you pass the mouse over the top, the bar will appear "magically."
  1. Open Blogger dashboard
  2. Click on Design
  3. Click Edit HTML
In that you can see this tag

<style type="text/css"> and </ style>

Write the following code under the above code:

# Navbar-iframe (
margin-bottom:-30px; / *- (optional) -* /
opacity: 0.0;
filter: alpha (Opacity = 0)

# Navbar-iframe: hover (
margin-bottom: 0px; / *- (optional) -* /
opacity: 1.0;
filter: alpha (Opacity = 100, FinishedOpacity = 100)

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