Top 5 gadgets for 2010

Technology never stops moving and every year they surprise us with amazing gadgets that make life a little easier, whether at work or at our desk at home, but the point is not to lose sight of what we presented new World giants either Apple, Microsoft, etc.
In FHM have made a collection of gadgets that come out in May 2010 and you should not lose sight of and which is sure to delight many of us, so let it.
5. Optimus Tactus Keyboard: The Optimus Tactus can revolutionize the way we interact with computers. This sci-fi gadget includes a touch sensor and video capability built into the keyboard itself.
optimus tactus
4. The Nexus One: Almost all are aware of the new Google phone , which will be direct competition with the iPhone from Apple.

nexus one
3. IPAD Apple: Not even a week ago has been released and are already talking about her around the world, the power of Apple is in these cases is surprising and have shown once again.
2. Natal Project: Microsoft has in hand a command-without controls for xbox 360 called Project was born. There are many rumors about whether or not to hit the market this year.
project natal
1. Microsoft Courier: Microsoft's bet as to touch computers will see the light (supposedly) in 2010.Obviously, it will compete with Apple, yet similar take.
microsoft courier

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