Why post your comments on other blogs?

Create a blog on your website is a great way to add content and internal links, but from a standpoint of existing traffic, you may be seen as a braggart ... 
In each industry, names and faces are very recognizable, real celebrities in their field. One of these recipes for a famous status, in addition to being known, is to provide information prolific. For you, it means that you must post your name everywhere, repeatedly, and on the websites of other persons.
The Guest Blogging, or in other words, post a blog for another website, is a perfect way for showing your name. By inserting a text on someone's blog, you add your website links back to quality, and this, in addition to knowing your name and content of your pages. An added benefit is the traffic you generate more through those links.
By acquiring messages from guests, every time you start a new mutually beneficial transaction with another Internet site manager or webmaster, and this is by writing reviews of their site specifically for acting services rendered, so you allows sharing and hearing these sites, either by exchanging messages invited "guests spots as do the comic in order to enhance their reputation. 
This method implies that the readings from each site can be shared with others, thus increasing traffic on both sites at once.
The only way that the webmaster agrees to create a module to host blogs on the site is invited to prove that your content is quality and to notice that your exposure on the web is such that their site will also draw fruit. It is for this reason that the messages of guests (or guest posting) must be combined with a wide range of social networks, comments posted on performing sites and forums, thus winning the first by any means available.
The SEO team JUNKIES aims to help you get the best of your online presence. In addition to creating and editing content, we can train your staff on all new techniques and tactics of search engine optimization online.

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