How to add metatags to your blog ? An easiest way

Meta tags can give some information to search engines that will help the robots know that this is your website and take them into account in the search results, these are very important in the search engine positioning.

The title is the most important and is included between the </ title> </ title>

Now, to insert the other on your website, fill in the details between the quotes of the following meta-tags and paste the code before </ head>

<meta name="title" content="Internet Freaks"><p><meta name="keywords" content="Write your site contents here"><p><meta name="description" content="Description about your website here"><p><meta name="author" content="Author Name"><p><meta name="robots" content="all"><p><meta name="revisit" content="10 days"><p><meta name="distribution" content="all"> 

             The last three can leave them as they are.

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