How to Create 3D labels in blogger ?

Some times ago I saw something very interesting in a blog, and I really liked also was a way of drawing attention to the lectors labels will use more blog, and also to see that these are pretty much on the blog. I refer to labels in 3D, or as I call it normally Tags shaped planet.

The effect achieved is very attractive visually, and also, how have you get caught, passing the mouse pointer over the tags while they are spinning.

For me personally, as I said, I really like this effect and I'm sure you like me also love ... From what I'm talking about is what is at the top of my sidebar ... "You get to see him? Want to Have It.

The steps to this effect are the following

1 -. Locate the following line of code green in your HTML code in your blog, without expanding the devices, remember that although I have left it all, always remember to keep an old copy of your XML code and look for your codes with Ctrl-F for more quickly, remembers meeting the five commandments.

class='sidebar' <b:section id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>

2 -. Just below this blue line you just copy this red code below:

id='Label99' <b:widget locked='false' title='Etiquetas' type='Label'>
id='main'> <b:includable
<b:if cond='data:title'>
<h2> <data:title/> </ h2>
</ B: if>
<div class='widget-content'>
<Object type = "application / x-shockwave-flash" data = "" width = "250"height ="200"allowScriptAccess = "always">
value="" /> <param name="movie"
<Param name = "bgcolor" value = "
# ffffff"/>
<Param name = "flashvars" value = "TColor = 0x000000 & mode = tags & distr = true & tspeed = 100 & TagCloud = <tags>
values='data:labels' <b:loop var='label'>
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' style='12'> expr:href='data:label.url' <> </ a>
</ B: loop>
</ Tags> "/>
<p> Blogumulus by Roy Tanck <a href=''> </ a> and <a href=''> Amanda Fazani </ a> </ p>
</ Object>
</ Div>
name='quickedit'/> <b:includable
</ B: includable>
</ B: widget>

3 -. You can change the areas marked in green

# Ffffff : Script background color, if you put it in the sidebar, you can put the same color, the color code # ffffff is white, ie the fund is automatically brings script is white.
250: The width
200: It is high
Thanks for reading this post, any questions feel free to leave your comment here at the entrance...

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