Creating a restore point in Windows XP

A system restore point allows you to undo changes made to your computer and restore configurations and performance without requiring you to lose recent work such as saved documents, emails or history lists and bookmarks.
This guide will teach you to create a restore point and restore your computer to a time prior to any installation of program, since a restore point has been created correctly.
  • Creating a restore point
  • Restoring the system
Creating a restore point

1. Click the Start menu, then All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

2. Select the option creates a restore point and click Next

3. On the next screen, you need only determine a brief description for this restore point. Click "Next" to continue.
4. The last screen is just a confirmation. In red, appears the information about the restore point you just created. Just click Close and your system is ready to be restored when you want.

Restoring the system

If you created a restore point, had problems with some application and want to reverse the situation, just follow these steps:

1. Click the Start menu, then All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore
2. Check "Restore my computer to an earlier" and click "Next"
3. On the screen appears, you will see a calendar. In it are marked all the days that have restorations available system. Remember that Windows creates restore points automatically. In addition, software installations also create restores points. Why there are several options at this time. You can go directly to the creation date of your restore point manually, use the most recent restore or use a prior to an installation that failed.
4. Click "Next" to continue.
The next screen displays the selected restore point and tells you about some things you should know:
a) You will not lose documents or email messages.
b) This process is reversible.
c) During the restoration, your computer will shut down. Soon, you should close all running programs and save their jobs.
d) System Restore does not replace the process of uninstalling a program. For this you must use the "Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel or own uninstaller software.
5. Ready. When you restart your computer, you will be informed of the restoration. If no change has been found, nothing will be done. Otherwise, you will be informed about what has changed and you can use your computer normally.

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