Some Important Mozilla Ads-on which will help you

I am working already for some years with the subject and Web Development would like to put you here just a couple of Firefox add-ons near, everyone should have web developers. Should you have other must-have add-ons for web developers know, write me a comment. I will test the add-on and then take back to the table .

With Color Zilla you can quickly and easily determine color values
The Web developer tool par excellence. This wonderful site can debug and test changes even live on a Web page
You can find the font on a website totally awesome, do not know how they say and do not want to torment you but by the style sheet? Simply highlight text and font finder shows you a button, the font used
This validates useful add-on your side and helps you to correct errors in the (X) HTML Markup
The jack of all trades to test your own site. How does your page at 800 × 600? Is your site still usable without cookies? All this and much more you can test with Web Developer

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