How to develop an attractive blog or websites- 9 Important steps for bloggers

1.                  Buy a hosting. This step will serve if you want to modify your blog as you like as the blogs hosted by wordpress. Com has many limitations. In this way you can also store all the photos you want for your posts.
2.                  Change of theme (template). Whether wordpress to blogger there are many free templates all over the Internet. Just be sure to save your old template in case you need and be aware that changing the template you'll need to add all your new gadgets (widgets, plug-in, scripts, your own modifications, etc).
3.                  Increase the number of posts. One of the most rapid and simple rule for your ranking is to write more and more posts. The more posts you have, the more likely to have written something that users seek and at the same time you give Google more options for you position. Not to mention the possible links that could be achieved if the contended of your posts is interesting. For example if you wrote 2 times a week, up to 3, if you wrote in March, rising to 4 and so according to your possibilities.
4.                  Hook your readers. Two of the many ways to do are: Advertise your feeds on your sidebar and at the end of each post. And give the possibility to follow any comments on a post of interest (wordpress).
5.                  Start using twitter. Enough to meet new bloggers get readers and publicize your posts.
6.                  Interact with Other bloggers. You can participate in initiatives, sweepstakes and contests organized by other blogs. Just by participating you will know other blogs and bloggers, while your blog will be known by them.
7.                  Includes references in your posts. Sometimes when we write something, we do based on our previous knowledge or information that we find on the Internet. But for our readers probably are not too familiar with the subject, it will be much more useful links also some possible sources that we have served. Thus our blog you will really be helpful.
8.                  Promote your blog. There are many ways to promote your blog. You can use many directories for that. Online forum is also a way to get high traffic.
9.                  Potential additions. Take all the widgets, plug-in and other things that you can add to your blog if they are really useful, not as mere decoration. In addition, post images and videos that relate to your posts or in your sidebar, something that will give a bonus to your log.

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