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At the website optimization is probably one of the most important online marketing aspects for a company, because without proper optimization, organic search traffic from the remains, which practically means the death for a website. The website optimization is divided basically into two parts: the optimization and the On Page off Page optimization. If you want to optimize a web site clean and professional, it should first be made On Page optimization. Only when the site is search engine friendly, you can devote the back link generation. 
When optimizing websites , almost everything revolves around the keywords that were selected - including in the On Page optimization. The defined search terms must be the entire web page located at: 
1st In the body text (including headings, bullets and pictures) 
If a search engine spider to the website to read this, he sees only the text that is placed on the website. How relevant and of high quality is a website, so it can only be determined on the basis of the text. For this reason, keeping in mind that search terms related topic occur as often as possible. Strategically very important points are in addition to the headings and subheadings and bulleted lists. In addition, it is also worthwhile if the pictures are equipped with the so-called old days, so the search engine can be given an indication of what is in the picture. 
2nd The Title Tag 
the Title Tag is sometimes the first that the search engine spider from a web page gets to face. True to the motto that the first impression is the most important, the entire contents of a Web page with the other title are associated. If here is no coherent picture, no optimal results can be achieved. 
3rd In the Description 
The Description played today, especially in terms of usability an important role. The description is given here on the website appears, namely, then as a descriptive text in the search results. It should be animated so the search engine users to click, so a series of keywords should be avoided. 
4th And if possible also in the domain, and the URLs to lower- 
The placement of central keywords in the URLs has the advantage that they are highlighted in bold for a listing in search results and thus attract more attention. In addition, the search engine brings the keywords in the URLs and in relation with the contents of which are located on the respective bases. A coherent picture has an impact here in turn positively affect the ranking in search results. 
In On Page optimization should be ensured that the texts can be read in spite of "keyword optimization" still good - that is, of course -. The density of the keywords should be ideally 2 to 4 percent, and there are issues on which a higher keyword density is possible and issues where a lower density is appropriate. 

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