10 tips for data protection in enterprises

In many companies there is pent-up demand for electronic data protection. In particular, the security of customer information and personal information is often neglected. These tips help.
The office machine manufacturer Fellows are ten tips on how to improve data protection in your company:

1st Inform employees

Appoint an IT manager who keeps you informed about viruses and malware to date. Educate your employees on a regular basis about the dangers from the Internet and set rules of conduct for emergencies.

2nd Corporate network show with password

Give your employees individual passwords to access the corporate network. Arrange that the passwords are changed regularly.

3rd Passwords make sure

For different applications, different passwords should always be used. The safest passwords are longer; contain only letters and numbers and special characters.

4th Keep up to date anti-virus programs

Make sure that the company used anti-virus software up to date is - such as automatic updates.

5th Firewalls use

Firewalls provide additional protection against attacks from the Internet - if they are updated automatically.

6th User focus

Do not allow employees to change even the security settings on your computer or download applications from the Internet. These rights should only belong to the IT administrator.

7th Individual access rights grant

Each employee should be able to access only the applications that he actually needs. Restrict access rights when an employee announces his resignation from the company.

8th Network against outsiders

Make sure to log off the PCs of employees with inactivity of a company network. Visitors should be able to access only after activation.

9th Virtual Private Network use

Employees in the field or home office should only access via encrypted Internet connections to corporate networks - within a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This also applies to employees who use the work laptop and privately.

10th Disk Safe disposal

Destroy digital media safe before they dispose of them - for example in Shredder. CDs, smart cards and other devices could contain confidential data.

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