How to obtain a classification of your Tweets!?

As we know, social media is a matter of far greater importance of what we might think in the search engine optimization and the concept is becoming one of the most relevant results for best positioning, but it does not stop there! It is now possible to have your page ranked by Google social media through the introduction of the module for Social Research.
In fact, the concept of social research has been launched in October 2009, but it was not until this year that specialists in search engine optimization online, and users daily starting to see benefits as well as all new applications, but even so, it remains to be done concerning the revision and development, but research is not just a social current of air, it is indeed present, then it is time to use it!
The results of social research , include short messages called Tweets based on the terms used for research. These tweets are classified in a manner very similar as websites.
The classification process  takes into account concepts such as links that the site has posted, and optimizes the classification based on the number of supporters associated with this page. In general, the more a subject of supporters, it will become more relevant and known in social research and so on.
Social research and social media have nice days before changing them, so plan your strategy for Web Marketing Now around this, and you're in the right! 

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