Some tips for improving your adsense earning- Part - 1

How can you make some money with the program adsense from Google if you have a blog? Is there something you should know that we can benefit? How you can take full advantage of this program? These are some of the questions often asked me in emails, and therefore I have written this article. On this website has been talked about enough and adsense how to get the most out of it, but it has always been focused on Web sites instead of a blog. The difference is not much, even though some details must be considered. Today, having a blog of what is, and not use adsense to get some economic benefit is really an error (if Google accepts the theme of our blog). If only to pay the hosting and domain name, it is worth using this application from Google. In fact, those who end up using adsense, they see the long-term benefits as larger numbers and is no longer just to pay for hosting, or removed without a bonus (or in some cases full salary). Of course as I always say, must be diversified and not dependent on only one source of income, which can be dangerous. If ever fails adsense, there is nothing more, and that's a difficult dish to swallow.
It is well known that there are many people making money with adsense, some getting up to figures of six numbers (I can forward that I am not one of them, but I can not complain). However, most of them do not usually disclose their techniques or strategies, and if they do, they do charging. Personally, I have to keep these secrets for you is something that does not make much sense, and information should be shared for the benefit of all. Anyway, let's start with what interests us; it is to implement adsense on our blog the best way possible. To begin, let's assume that we have implemented several things that are:

  • Already have a blog up. If not, at least you're thinking of starting one, although traffic is essential to achieve monetize our blog, and will need patience and implement a strategy good SEO blog. While many of the tips given, can be applied to a normal Web site, some are unique to blogs.
  • Have you read (or will) the basics of adsense and you have an understanding of what it is and how it works.
  • Have you read the program policies that Google shows? This gives us essential information to work with this program.
Anyway, the first thing they ask is if your blog is suitable for adsense. As mentioned before, there are incredible stories of what they earn many people with adsense, you must have a realistic view on this program and make a first approach. Google does not accept all websites or blogs on their adsense program. This is something that we must consider, as there are certain topics that Google does not accept. We must therefore read carefully the policies of this program take no surprises. If we have doubts about something, we can send an email to Google asking and in most cases will be answered. Of course, Google accepts our blog does not guarantee that we will succeed. Some blogs will gain more than others, and this is a fact. For this we will discuss the strategies that we used to be the most benefits removed.

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