The PlayStation 3 and its new features

The PS3 has many interesting new features.
The following describes the five most interesting short.

Multiplayer mode
With its Bluetooth technology can play up to seven players simultaneously with wireless controllers. In multiplayer mode, no multi tap is necessary. The result is no annoying cable clutter. Now the living room must only be big enough for six friends.
Communication with the PlayStation Portable
The PSP in itself is an excellent console. The firmware 3.0 includes a menu item, the communication with the PS3 allows. What features are available to be is not yet known.
The PlayStation 3 will be the center of the living room, and that not just because of gaming performance, but also because of the numerous connectivity with other devices. The network connections and the wireless LAN adapter will allow communication with a PC. The slots make the data transfer from memory cards. Photos, music, game booths, or videos can Sticks, SD cards and Compact Flash cards of the PlayStation 3 will be processed through memory.

An absolute novelty in the console market is the 32:9 format. Thanks to the HDMI outputs, two HDTV devices to operate simultaneously. The image can either be divided between two screens to create a huge 32:9 screen or player can get on the second screen of additional information and extended information.
Eye toy, Buzz and Sing start
Eye toy brings the whole family from the console and to make the PlayStation family-friendly. Sing star found in each new edition hot cakes. Buzz is expected in the future, the PlayStation establish an interactive game show.

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