11 Tips to improve your SEO aim to promote your site

1. Create a site make the greatest clarity possible.

2. A website must have a good content

3. Contact texts should reflect the precision, but it must demonstrate clarity.

4. The articles on your site solvent be concise as possible, but be complete, the Internet users in general do not like long texts. Remember that in general love texts rather synthesized.

5. Using still relevant keywords.

6. Do not forget that if you put a lot of photos or images on your site, it will be heavy and therefore slow to download. When a site is too long when downloading, users do not have the patience to wait.

7. Always remember to choose titles that attract readers collide. It is often said that we must have a "good grip" so that visitors have a taste for reading your text.

8. It is important to let you know, leave comments on articles and put a link to your website. I advise you to do as often as possible.

9. Register your site on search engines and directories of quality.

10.Actives articles on the site earmarked for this purpose and leave a link to your website.

11. Fates partnerships with sites on the same theme as you and who have a pretty good traffic. This will bring you visitors.

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