What is Black Hat SEO ? Never do it

Today I want to talk about something that has to do with SEO but is not SEO precisely. It is a term known as Black Hat SEO, and refers to the malicious use SEO techniques to achieve a search engine is so misleading. It would be like to get people looking, for example, information about cars, fall on our site those talks about plants, that is, something that has nothing to do.
Needless to say that such technique is penalized by Google, which is not advisable to practice them under any circumstances. They explain precisely so they know what NOT to do, if you do not want your blog get lost in the infinite Internet.
Well the Black Hat SEO techniques are many, and for the moment we will see which are the most used.

1 - Keyword Stuffing (Fill in key words). It would be like putting a lot of keywords to achieve positioning in search engines. We recall that a while ago we gave some advice on keywords, and there were talking about the number of keywords per post should not be greater than 10%. There is also talk of Keyword Stuffing when we put the keyword for more that has nothing to do with the article in question.

2 - Doorway Pages (Entry Pages). Websites are created purely and exclusively for spam decking, and involves the insertion of the results for certain phrases, for the purpose of sending visitors to a different page, that is, spam is like a search engine. What they do is place a link with anchor text that has nothing to do with the contents of the destination url. For example, when I click on the word Help and send me to a game portal.

3 - Covert words. They are words that while they are within the content, visitors can see them because they are hidden with the same color as the background of the blog. While we do not see the crawlers if taken as part of the content and are links that they make to the sites they want.

4 - Cloaked Pages (Pages Covert). These are pages designed to divert the attention of the crawlers, which are not visited by users. What is India to do code crawlers to visit another page, which is designed specifically for search engines positioned in the first place and which have nothing to do with the content of the blog.
Like I said, these are four major Black Hat SEO techniques. I hope you know that never, under any circumstances in practice, because sooner or later be discovered and punished.

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