8 Tags Html To Know To Create A Website

It is now very easy to create a web page or a website using softwares. What makes the lazy Web Marketers - Webmasters - beginners and leads them to not be interested in coding HTML.
The HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), is the language used to create a web page.
This language is composed of different codes called tags. These tags are used to tell the computer how information contained in a page should be displayed on the screen.

Learn to create a website using these tags HTML requires special skills that every web marketer or web designer - should have.
To help you familiarize yourself with this language, here is a list of eight (8) tags HTML base, used in the creation of a page or a website.

·          <HTML> and </HTML> - These are tags used opening and closing at the beginning and end of each file HTML.

·          <HEAD> and </HEAD> - These tags come after the <HTML> and contain information that is not directly displayed on the website such as tags Meta, style sheets and scripts JAVA.

·         <TITLE> and </TITLE> - These tags are in the tag HEAD and it puts them that the title of the webpage.

·         <BODY> and </BODY> - It is within those tags that are things that must be displayed on the site and are visible to users.

·         <I> and </ I> - It is between those tags that must be the text that you want to put in italics.

·         <STRONG> and </ Strong> - These HTML tags work the same way that the tags <b> and </ b> which are used to render the text they surround in bold.

·         <h1> and </H1> to <H6> and </H6> - These various html tags are used for headlines. The text is placed between one of them appear larger or smaller than normal text.

·         <P> and </ P> - The text placed between these tags html turns into a single paragraph. A single line break is automatically carried over to the last line of text displayed.

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