How to promote a new website ?

Are you carrying out the operation and promotion of the new site difficulties? You not think that the early move an inch on the site? The following four main points we use the general site is at an early stage how the operation and promotion, in order to achieve site access to 10,000 from zero ip process.

First, do web need to adhere to. We operate the website webmaster roots often a failure or change position, they are unable to do its stance. So you choose a good site after positioning must bite the stick, to overcome difficulties. The good old saying: there will be rainbow after the storms, owners early in the construction site are generally too high expectations or even fantasy, so here I must give you pour cold water on a regular thousands of IP need to adhere to non-optimized Web site is be learned.

Second: a site for promotion. A friend asked me every day in the Google Post Bar, the major forum for A5 or even soft text ah, but the actual situation is not ideal!!! In here, I remind you to do the promotion and operation of the site to locate the same people, doing the film website that you can go to the game forums to promote? Do download site you can go to the major portals to promote the Forum? effect can be imagined, not a mature practical thinking, and do some do not see the actual results of the promotion are often wasted effort, Instead, Google, hate your site, like the streets of psoriasis as ugly then no one would watch.

Third:, the use of promoting and attracting user’s eye. If you feel that they are not smart enough, you think you are not something new Octavia. Try using promotion under way about: If your site is entertainment site, first column on the portal to find the best Entertainment, the latest entertainment gossip, and then carefully edited in the background layout, posted to various entertainment forums, so you can not only to attract every one's eye, the actual content of sites there.

Fourth:, site positioning is the key. When you do not locate in the site location and content of the website updates related to a wide area, such as your site is doing the digital mobile phone, do not all have to do! If it really for a person to make their own exhausted, I suggest you choose phone inside the cottage brand reputation, such as mobile phone ah days like language. This often overlooked component but we have more people to search, if you think about the promotion and adherence with long-lasting, the site will be successful!

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