How to choose a good and free antivirus ?

Free antivirus software is better for private use, and you can change it if you want if you have problems use.
It is certain that all antivirus programs are now effective, but some are still more than others and use their functions are sometimes very different. It is best to choose a product easy to use initially.
Free antivirus software is more appropriate for private use, it allows you total freedom. 
You must also take into account the resources needed by your antivirus software to function properly because there is a real difference from one model to another.
If your computer is more early youth, it is recommended to purchase in a range that use fewer resources to avoid "planting" your machine.
When you buy antivirus software, and if you are new to the subject, it will be better to make your first purchase from a specialty store where a vendor can advise you. But be sure to meet the performance of it in "system properties" to choose the best for your PC. Thereafter, you can buy or renew the license online.
Some ISPs offer a package comprising a virus with their offers Internet access. Remember you are not obliged to take: in general, if your computer is new, it does not really cause you to worry, but otherwise, it will be another problem, as I informed you shows a little higher!

Specifically, it is preferable to opt for free antivirus software, because if you ever need to change ISP, you will not have to choose a new one!

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