The advantages of netlinking

Links More specifically, the links are the returns are probably the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of SEO experts. If we consider the PageRank as water, would form the links returns pipelines irrigate your site. You can use internal links in your site to distribute PageRank to the most important pages, and what to best use the authority of your site as a whole.
The return links from external sites take advantage of the authority of the pages to which they refer. Therefore, to be bound by a return link from BBC or Sky News will give your site a PageRank more important than providing a link to a site with a local company.
This assumes that the BBC does not use tab "no follow" in their link to your website. The tab "no follow" acts as a shutoff valve in the pipeline. You can always follow the link to your site but the water that your site will need not happen. Again, "no follow" has its uses: link to sites that bring value, but without losing their PageRank. You can even use "no follow" in-house to make sure that users can easily navigate your site and move without the PageRank where it should not go, but where you need it most.
There are several ways to get good quality links to your site. The cheapest method would be to present an exceptional site, and get links back to real people who think your site should be known to the world. If you reach a good PageRank in this unique way, without doing anything more, there's a good chance you're halfway to taking the Nobel.
For the rest of us, the links return can be obtained through negotiations, creation of networks by forming affiliations and sometimes even in return for purchases of bonds. What must be careful, it's quality reference sites, do not be it business or website to get a return on its site by all means and to act negatively on reputation and the reputation of your site. On the canvas, as in real life, now that you are responsible is a reflection of your person.
SEO Junkies can give you expert advice on the net linking and other fundamental optimization of search engines. Feel free to contact us if you need help to reach the first page of Google or other search engine.

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