How to change the color of Facebook using Google Chrome ?

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Today we have for you a fantastic new guide on how to change the style ofFacebook WITHOUT subscribe to any group without inviting their friends! I will explain the steps in a simple and clear so as not to create confusion. Here we go:
  • If you have not already, download Google Chrome! If you're wondering whatGoogle Chrome, the answer is very simple: a browser (eg Internet Explorer,FirefoxOpera) alternative for surfing the Internet. The peculiarity of this browser is that it is much faster than others.
  • Once downloaded, the browser we can do is go HERE and click Install.

  • On the window that appears click Install. If no box appears at the bottom left check if there is a warning and if there is click on Continue;
  • Now comes the fun part! First click on "Customize and control Google Chrome". It is located in the upper right of your browser. In practice what is icon wrench.
  • After you click "Customize and control Google Chrome", click Extensions.
  • Now there has appeared a new page. If you look hard enough you should find an equal to this icon:

  • Once you find the icon gaze shifted to the right and click on Options.
  • go
  • Now there must be pop a new page like this:
  • To change the appearance of Facebook just surf a bit on this page, choose the model that we like and click save. Now our Facebook will be completely different!
Simple true! If you do not understand please ask commenting this post. I will always be at your disposal to clarify any doubts. For other guides or to find the latest news from the world 's High-Tech visit the homepage. See you soon!

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