Solution to recover files from damaged hard drives

Anyone who has experienced such a situation, you know how it can be hopeless. You turn on your PC and the HD just does not work. Well we will teach you to recover your damaged disk.
It is important to make some reservations before beginning this process. The Redo Backup and Recovery allows you to access the Internet while using the application, so you can access this tutorial to accompany him as he recovers files.
Valley also indicate that Redo Backup and Recovery can be used to recover partitions, CDs, DVDs and USB drives up damaged. Moreover, the application is for simple recovery of deleted files by mistake.
If you have more than one hard drive on your computer, with one operating system and with other data, Redo can also retrieve the hard disk when only one is damaged.
The Redo Backup and Recovery is a Linux distribution specifically for the recovery of damaged discs, as it must be installed on a CD and booted to run and retrieve files from a disc problem. Without further ado then, learn to recover files with the Redo Backup and Recovery.

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