Smartphone-PSP: a new handheld from Sony Andoid OS 3.0 How?

Imagine gathering in one device a smart phone, a handheld console for all purposes and also adds Android3.0 operating system. Could this be the formula of the new handheld by Sony?

Apparently it's really so: the new portable Sony will be a hybrid between a smart phone Sony Ericsson with the addition of the console mode. How? With an area dedicated to the game instead of the removable keyboard QWERTY. 

But what are the currently known characteristics of this new device? The details that are available are not really many. The PSP-Smart phone likely:

  • Display 3.7 or 4.1 inches;
  • Resolution WVGA or higher;
  • Camera 5 mega pixels or greater;
  • Processor Snapdragon to 1GHz;
  • Operating System Android 3.0;
  • Ability to play both games for PSX to PSP;
  • Touch pad instead of analog stick.
Another interesting feature, according to some rumors, is the possibility that games PSP and PSX can also be extended later to other Android phones, provided they are eligible to run them.

As regards the aspect of this device is only known color: black with shades of gray. But the highlight may be another; Google would be interested in opening a store dedicated to the collection of games, making it more similar to 'iPhone.

But the question arises: will be able to prevent Apple with its iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Nintendo with its new 3DSStay tuned for updates!

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