7 Important and effective way to drive traffic to your website

Although this is the last thing to do, the success of your online business depends largely on the traffic you'll generate on your website.

To be more precise, if there is no visitors, no money.
Here are 7 ways free and effective to have more traffic on your website

1) - Viral Sites
The viral traffic technique that is employed in order to generate more traffic on its website.
Once you run it, unstoppable.
It will bring you visitors at a time when you do not expect it.
There are currently very few viral sites on the French market, but I've still managed to find two that are newly born.
The first site allows you to create your own network of viral traffic to find each month hundreds of potential customers for your products and services.
Second, it allows you to create viral ads, like Google Ad Words.

2) - Sites classifieds
There are dozens on the web sites that receive each day, 24/24, hundreds or even thousands of visitors.
What are these websites?
These sites allow you to move from small ads to promote your products or services.
So you get free traffic on your advertisements.
Some ad sites, you must first pay for the ad to be published for other sites is 100% free.

3) - Blogs
Whether you have a website or not, let me tell you that you need to have your own blog to generate free traffic from search engines.
Search engines love blogs have a lot of quality content.
And creating a blog is simple and easy.
Net professionals create their own blogs, use the WordPress platform.
But you can also use blogger who is also perfect to start.

4) - press
Make press releases are also a great way to bring visitors to your website.
The good news is that you can place your press releases for free on the Internet.

5) - Forums
Forums are discussion groups where you can ask your problems and find solutions.
You can also ask the members of these forums; give their opinion on your website.
It allows you to get more free traffic to your website.
If you really want to generate traffic to your website through the forum.
First, you register in a forum that interests you, that is, which is related to your business.
Then put the address of your website or blog in signature.
And finally, show your expertise in this forum while helping others to find solutions to their problems.

6) - Link Exchanges
Exchanging links also called reciprocal links is a very effective way to increase the number of visitors on your website.
This practice is to put the Internet address of another person on your site and in exchange, the person is also yours on its website.
The main objective of this strategy is to hope to receive visitors from the partner web site on yours.
But the big advantage is that your website will be popular and you get a good grade of Page Rank.
In this way the search engines will also send you free visitors.

7) - Article directories
A book like this is a site that allows you to post free items in exchange for free unlimited traffic to your website or blog.
By publishing your articles on a directory of articles, you increase your chances even more to boost traffic to your website.

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1 Respones to "7 Important and effective way to drive traffic to your website"

Staci said...

Apart from knowing what to post, it's equally important to know WHERE to post. Blogs or websites with bigger page ranks may not directly affect your traffic, but they tend to have a larger readership, which increases your chances of being visited.

Staci Burruel

October 18, 2011 at 12:28 PM

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