10 ways to increase the visibility of your website and also traffic

To the visibility of a blog to increase web site or are a thousand ways but it is always a hot topic to say. Often, you are "too many" confused by information, which can then lead to that one the main points of search engine optimization missed what optimization process can significantly affect the whole. For this reason, I list attempts to create just a Website by 10 different strategies can increase the visibility.
The following tips should be visible after 3 months has achieved success, provided you are consistent in the observance of these points.
1.                                Continuous updating of content: Traffic to its own page or a blog to generate more, it is extremely important to constantly update the page contents to. However, it should be noted this point to that content should be updated in regular intervals. It is therefore not advisable on Monday to write three articles, and then pause for 3 days and again on Friday to publish a new article. A regular publishing of articles helps the visitor can set it instinctively that new products will be available daily or weekly. He therefore knows when he has to visit the page. You should, therefore, is the "nuts and bolts" of blogging, keep in mind: Content is King. The "visitors" will not visit your site if they get any useful information there.

2.                                Uses a good design and layout: How to eat the eye mistiest respects, the visitor next to the content and the presentation (layout and design) a website. If the page a little messy and looks very professional, they take the visitors perceived as not serious and disappear just as quickly as they came. For this reason you should make sure you that you choose a suitable design, which a) has serious and b) the visitor to pay attention to the animated content.

3.                                Use your own domain name: With a top-level domain (with a ". Com" at best a domain extension) you win the trust your readers very quickly and also give your site a professional look. This also helps you to more traffic and simultaneously shows your visitors what to make of it. But you should here a free domain does not fall for. Prefer to pay 8 euros for your domain later for a free ". Xyz.com” Domain no traffic to get, when.

4.                                StumbleUpon or otherwise - makes use of social networks: The StumbleUpon denotes the evaluation of sites that create a personal profile and this way, users with common interests to network. Anticipated, this item is currently to put parentheses in yet, because that possibility for the German market is not yet available. But perhaps I am referring more to the possibilities that we have available in this country: social networks. These days it is increasingly important site known to make their own and the easiest way is to tell about others. So close is it that you networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like used for your own advertising page operate. Example your latest articles via RSS on the Facebook fan page appear, read new comments on Twitter, or for tomorrow with a home-made video is underlined article. These measures increase the traffic to a page that shows the owner how popular his site is (e.g. number of supporters on Facebook) and make the popular items.

5.                                Write a guest article: Another possibility for increased visibility is a guest writer on the blog to draw attention to another. Writes an article on another (good) blogs. Watch this very fact that the text is error-free as possible and impress the reader there. When her last must necessarily check whether you a link back to your page total building have, best positioned this link with a description of you at the end of the article.

6.                                Images with keywords provided: An ever-present and important issue is the nascent image optimization for search engines. The fact is that more people search the images for their research use always. An optimized image can be of great advantage. No matter how many pictures side has one, you should each image an accurate and appropriate title and assign keywords fit. This increases the likelihood that your blog is the image search found about.

7.                                Comment, comment, and again Comment: If you want to make attention to, it is not always this advantage Facebook and other networks to do on by. This has the simple reason that those same networks to more friends (or contacts for Google) has to go to the page would not because they simply do not belong in this niche. This approach would then also any marketing fell. Back to the comments. Another way to his side and attention to make their blog is to comment on others. At the start will make almost no noticeable changes, which is logical. Ye add a new community in. This question is in the room, whether their comments only link back to try their hand at one, or whether you really spamming the articles and the topic deals with. Gradually, you can see in you and at some point, even the term "expert" fall, provided you move in each niche. This point is sometimes more important than that you presented to the networks you. There you can convince anyone that you are you and experts familiar with the topic. A comment on the other hand quickly separates the wheat from the chaff.

8.                                Sets a Twitter account for it: While I Twitter at one point mentioned earlier, but I would like to point out separately consider this blogging service allows short messages within a short time around the world to send.  Twitter is now an important part of the blogosphere has become. You publish an article and twittering via RSS, that their published articles have new one. Depending on quality, information quantity and novelty of the information your followers will retweet the article, what other Twitter users sending you the article draws our attention to. But it is this is why the article only to have their own retweet not, but also that their other products is recommended. This way you'll get more followers and you know yourselves, and after an expert status to. It does not matter whether you or only 800 followers have 10,000.The main thing is that your followers follow your posts and the article read. The probability that 10,000 followers even half the tweets of reads goes to zero. At 800 followers on the other hand has a different view altogether.

9.                                Do not waste time: Time and again we read rich-quick scheme, but thousands of possibilities of the. True to the motto: From rags to riches. And it is these pages that this success is promised, is a waste of time. It is not rich, just make a video has since posted on Twitter, where they tell them how to "Bananas soufflĂ©" spells. Use of this time rather reasonable and achieving top quality articles that your readers an added value to. It links you should not give up. Shows that you want to offer your readers more. It will pay off.

10.                              Analyze your statistics: In addition to all these points forget most bloggers constantly evaluate their statistics, although you can see the best information from them. Sometimes I think that many bloggers afraid of statistics to look into, because they fear not enough to have visitors. But this traffic is by itself, if you observe these points. A look at your statistics shows you which keywords most relevant to the page on whichLongtail are particularly important. Which sites your visitors come from. All of this reveals what you need to write the new article eighth. Visitors come to weigh on the keyword "social media" on your side; you should definitely check Focusing more on this area.

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Importance of tags in SEO for wordpress

Hardly a blogger getting away from them: survival Important tags.
To surf around a bit on other blogs, there are tag-clouds to either visualize the most common search terms or to make revisions crate word visible.
The topic of tags and tagging is not great, but it can cause a lot.
First is the promise a tag cloud or a tag cloud makes sense, when used in moderation.
Not every day should automatically be included in the cloud, but at best only the strongest 15-20 pieces.
But here it is worth noting that there is no optimum value for the number of tags in the Tag Cloud and is due to the constantly changing Algorhitmen the search engines can not be determined.
Each article should be a minimum to get paid a maximum of four tags to make it easier to find later for the search engine.
Tag-Cloud additional dynamic sub-pages are attached, which in turn can be scoured by the search engine.
This can be compared with the similar content, but not that a post appears, but several contain this day.
The tags correctly applied is of great importance, as too many tags is striking for an article and in the worst case abgestaft.
Another such case is not known, but it can also result in the Google and other search engines, the tags and the resulting dynamic sub-pages simply ignore.
Then the blog would be somewhere in the deepest jungle recover search engine, which of course would not be the desired result of the optimization.
It would be important to mention also the way you should take only tags which refer to your article.
Example: You write an article about the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Now you should take day, relating also to the content as "South Africa" and not "hand ball".
That would be full of the subject over and could end badly, because:
Google remembers when a day does not belong on the subject and forms automatically to his mind: Black Hat.
This opportunity for search engine optimization is frowned upon and punished very fast.

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