Essential and important tools for a blogger for easy success

A blog is running hard work and time consuming. This constant will remain in contact with other bloggers, always keep up to date, then there must be articles written, and as if that were not enough, the blog will also be optimized.  Developers are trying every day to bloggers and other users to facilitate the life by programming tools helpful and always add useful functions. The read multiple feeds and clear display, a program for Twitter, and so the communication is easier, and various other nice tools can thus help to reduce some stress and to facilitate the bloggers life.
Since I myself have become use the various tools and always realize how easy my life is this, I thought it appropriate to present some of these helper’s times. Of course, I could divide the sake of clarity, the tools in different genres and areas of application, because the list but very manageable and not so great, I think that is unnecessary.

A free but very commendable image editing program that offers a wide variety functions: filter, brush, layer function, masking and automated image processing scripts are due to the standard version of GIMP.

Tweet Deck
A program which communication on Twitter easier and easier to design the. By features such as automatic URL Shorter saves you visiting various websites. Also very useful: Tweetie has a planned publication in Tweets. I can therefore determine at what later my Tweet will be published. This may well save you a lot of work. Through the program is the customizable interface and for each situation on Twitter to use individually adjustable. Tweet Deck there way for the desktop PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Finally, use is to mention the API not only to Twitter, but also for Facebook Buzz Google, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts Foursquare helpful.

Feed Reader
Blogger's blogs of my colleagues read the today is a matter of course and no longer a secret. Since the college is quite large shaft, it can be more than 100 blogs a day you have to look at. To simplify the whole and the latest information on content to be, there is the RSS feed, simply because you can subscribe. This one always keeps track of the subscribed feeds, there is a feed reader. This adds to the desired URL and always gets a message appears on the screen whenever a new article available in the feed. Very useful in many different blogs so if you find interesting, but not always enough time to call in the browser has all these.

To add files to catapult into the Internet, it requires either an online upload form, or an FTP program. Since I prefer my files manually with a program on the Internet site, I recommend the program FileZilla, an FTP client from Mozilla. The clear and easy to use client needs a small and fast installation before he's ready to go. With its drag and drop, files can be easily connected to the first web space or server up on or download. A real helper when it comes to the fast data transfer.

Last but not last a little tool that you work for a screenshot easier: the press of "pressure" and insert in Paint is now redundant, because PicPick can save the insert. The key blow to "pressure" makes a normal screenshot of the screen and automatically opens the editor included in the screenshot is inserted and is ready for reworking. Naturally it also selected areas photographed, then later cut out the superfluous from the overall picture. Think it also made PicPick images of entire websites can I make Genius: Automatically scroll the web page download the program and provides a screenshot of the entire site if this is not practical.

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