Tips to Fast scroll through the icons in the taskbar

The more programs are started, the fuller it is on the taskbar. No problem, after all, you can scroll quickly by clicking on the taskbar icons by active programs. It's even quicker with a little-known keyboard shortcut.
To program without a mouse is as fast as possible on the task bar to move through. For that press the keyboard shortcut [Windows Key] + [T]to go to the taskbar. The first icon on the taskbar (usually Internet Explorer) is highlighted. You can now arrow keys quickly through the system tray icons scroll. With the [Return / Enter] button you switch to the window and start the program.
Even if multiple windows are stacked (for example, several Explorer windows) you go without a mouse. The [up arrow] button to switch the keyboard into the ranks of the preview window and select [arrow right] and [arrow left] out the window you want.

Alternatively, you can by repeatedly pressing the keyboard shortcut [Windows Key] + [T] between the windows scroll one by one. This [Windows key] down and hold the Up key [T] button several times. As always, you can also use this action with the [Esc] key and turn off the marker and open the preview window again.

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