Nokia N8 Review, details, price information, about software, photos

  • Aesthetics:
The phone we tested in Black, a color that we particularly like. The dimensions are given and live longer small compared to the photos seen so far. The materials and assembly are really good and you notice a significant leap in quality compared to the old N-Series (we are the best levels of E-Series).
Since metal weight is not indifferent but nothing excessive and imparts a remarkable sense of solidity to the phone.
  • Hardware:
In addition to excellent material there is a 12 megapixel camera really important. The shots are really fast and precise; in the video we made two tests showing the image processing speed (not quality as the shots were made without taking into account the light conditions).
Excellent presence HDMI port definitely a plus important.
  • Software:
Who expects a terminal "new" and "different" should think again. Symbian ^ 3 brings several new but the GUI is practically equal to that of Symbian 5th edition. There are in fact aesthetic upheavals and the menus and options are very familiar. A choice in our opinion right now that lets you finds a good familiarity with the system.

The model we tested is a prototype and obviously you can not even define a pre-series as the hardware was not the final. Despite this, the execution speed of programs is significant and also the game graphics is really good.
Unfortunately, because software is not mature, the game has some little uncertainty Asphalt 5. While gaming is not known, but by reviewing the video there is some lag. Nothing to worry about because everything is a prototype project. The graphics are still great!
  • Conclusion:
The phone is, it is important, it has all the functions that a nokia would, it is easy and intuitive and offers multimedia features very top. The music department and the speakers are really good and sound is one of the many strengths of the phone (in the video is heard). September seems far away, but optimization is still in progress and a few more months will certainly be necessary to market a truly complete product.
Not have to wait some months, maybe end of August, so you can test it in more depth with final software and hardware.

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