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I had often on Tweet Adder reported, but now I want to brush up a little, as it has again been given several updates. Just that it is actually why it's worth a little money to invest if his / her account maintain, extend or automate Twitter and want. It is constantly being worked on and improved the program. The only drawback in my opinion by Tweet Adder is really only for the fact that the website is not yet available on German. The good thing is that - if it even has - and you always receive free updates for life!
Now there Tweet Adder in version "2010"!

As many know, there is a limit at Twitter when using the API, it could occur otherwise your Twitter account locks, with the new Tweet Adder there now by clicking the information as many actions you have to stay under the limit to remain and when the next reset is.
Furthermore, the program will also draw during the automated tracking of like-minded Twitter users or tweets sent the "emergency brake" and stop the process when the limit of the Twitter API (the interface between Twitter and Tweet Adder reached). But fear not, after an hour may be worked on again. It thus uses Twitter very effectively.

Tweet Adder is great for all the Twitter for a traffic increase of its own website - whatever you want whether online or blog, etc. - use. Users follow them after only strong keywords, a part she pursued then back. Developments follow later users who do not back. In order to enhance and expand their network marketing is lot easier. The crazy thing is that tweet Adder all this done with a few mouse clicks for them.  In the new Tweet Adder himself expected a lot of new useful functions that can not so I can take all together here, a function of many, then you can store user specific key words to, at or estrogen needs can pursue this. So they have their own Twitter lists that it needs to use and software to convince him of, they should be on the official site to make an impression by Tweet Adder himself. I can only say: It has all the facilities and for me it is the best Twitter Marketing Tool on the market. Unfortunately, currently available only in English, who can live without that, I advise to make a purchase. If you just want to try it out, which can also simply try out a demo version, which is temporary. Have fun automate the Twitter account.

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