Amazing Tips to increase your adsense revenue

1) Size-effective advertising
The most effective ads that work (3 ad units) are as follows. Large rectangle 336 × 280, 300 × 250 in line rectangle, and 160 × 600 skyscraper. If possible, please consider using these units, however, keep in mind that your website design may be suitable for the other formats. 

2) The color blue is most effective in linking
The most successful link color is blue WEB standard.
History of the Internet, link = color because it is used as the basic criterion was blue.

3) according to the text color and link color other
You can use the link colors match the pattern you have your website.This is also supposed to use.

4) AdSense background the same color as the background of the page
AdSense is preferably the same color background and the background of your site.

5) embedded in the article
If you get into the AdSense articles, you should avoid using the boundary.

6) Know the blind ads
Repeat visitors to your web site (Forums like) if there are many, blind ads (the state has become the ad) to be in, AdSense also increase the effect by changing the background color be.

7) Advertise on this site think about turning off 
AdSense management screen, the "My Account" - "On site Advertiser Sign-Up" to disable, AdSense unit on "Advertise on this site" with links to not show.
If this is out on the unit, said it has been recognized since the fall CTR ads that viewers strongly.
(Information from the revised comment)

8) Please repeat the test anyway
Because every website is unique, please test different colors and formats. Then keep track of revenue.
This is a trick because you'll surely AdSense revenue.

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