10 great tricks for Gmail

I leave a good feature list where 10 great tricks for gmail. The list features the best and most excellent tricks for Gmail, a salute and comment 

 ·                     All unread messages: If you want all messages that are still not read all in one place, create a label called UNREAD.
·                     All messages read: To have all messages that you have read and in one place, create a label called READ.
·                     Themes: If you want to decorate your gmail with a theme click on Settings >Themes and select the theme you like.
·                     Keyboard shortcuts:
o                                            C - Message.
o                                            ! - Send message to the SPAM folder.
o                                            U - Go to the list of message (INBOX).
o                                            And - File a message.
o                                            R - Reply to the message.
·                     Log sin@gmail.com: For some time, gmail allows you to start placing transfer only the ID of your account... For example, if my email is myname@ Gmail.com, I can start writing section myname in my username and password in the password.
·                     Select one message: If you have to delete 15 messages for example, and do not want to delete them one by one, check the box the first one and then, while pressing the Shift, marks the final, you'll see that all who were in the half are marked.
·                     The dots (.) Accounts: In a gmail address, if there is a point in the direction is the same type it with or without the point: is the same myname @ gmail.com tomy1name@gmail.com. And even you can change the point of place is the same myname @ gmail.com to myname @ gmail.com.
·                     Images easily: To put a picture easily by email, is a matter of installing the plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and you can drag images into the shipping box easily.
·                     Delete email forever: Go to the folder Trash and select all the emails to delete, then we click Delete forever.
·                     G count: G count is a bar that allows you to navigate the Internet and stay informed if we get an email.

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