How to Block Websites In Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

How to block websites with Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. We went into the menu Tools

3. We click on Options Internet

4. We press on Content and Content Advisor give in Enable.

5. We went into the choice Approved Sites

6. Here we can write the website address of the block and click on Never

After that restart your computer and check that site.

How to block websites with Firefox
   In the Firefox browser will use the extension called BlockSite to prohibit access to certain websites. This extension not only blocks the pages that you specify, but also disables any links to blocked pages you find on the Internet. The same creator as the recommended control method for use of Internet by children, and it unlocks easily.

1. Open Firefox and download BlockSite add-on
2. Press "Add to Firefox"

3. We will open a window where we click on "Install Now"

4. Once downloaded we will have to restart Firefox.

5. Open Firefox and go to "Tools"

6. We went into "Add"

7. We entered "Extensions "

8. And to the extent "BlockSite" press on "Options"

9. We click on "Add"

10. We write the address of the page to block

11. Press "OK"

12. We mark the box "Enable authentication"

13. Enter a password to administer the blocked sites

14. And we give "OK"

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