Basic knowledge of image processing

A digital camera is now found in almost every household.
But the photos are shot sometimes not so happy as you wished.
Thanks to this revolution in digital cameras you may make thousands of photos.
It has thus a huge advantage in terms of the subsequent image processing.
Most manufacturers of digital cameras already provide software for image editing, but there are free programs that some can. Irfan View offers next to a thumbnail representation of a slide show. Photos can also be changed in size or format.
Furthermore, the program is very good for taking pictures of a window or the whole screen.
To a combination of freeware programs you can not do without in most cases.
Studio Line Photo Basic 3 offers extensive tools for information filing, so that the images can be recovered very quickly.
For Linux enthusiasts are also offers the software GIMP, which is frequently used by web designers. Also this program is for the popular Windows-series available and also a freeware.
To view images to include in a website is now the JPG format like PNG, the latter of the Linux community is very prevalent in the moment, because there is no license protection. With so-called animated GIF's can be drawn images, often on the Internet, such as templates offered. This format does not consume much space and is therefore especially for owners of older Internet hardware (including modem) are very beneficial. Store  photos is a free project on the Web, which lets visitors, photos, upload their own and distribute them (via a link, participating in forums or similar). The possibilities are almost unlimited, therefore, just as the Web  null range will launch many new services. Even the search engine giant Google offers its software Picasso various possibilities for the processing and dissemination of images. It will be interesting when software for online editing of images appears. Enjoy the Web 2.0.

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