Importance of tags in SEO for wordpress

Hardly a blogger getting away from them: survival Important tags.
To surf around a bit on other blogs, there are tag-clouds to either visualize the most common search terms or to make revisions crate word visible.
The topic of tags and tagging is not great, but it can cause a lot.
First is the promise a tag cloud or a tag cloud makes sense, when used in moderation.
Not every day should automatically be included in the cloud, but at best only the strongest 15-20 pieces.
But here it is worth noting that there is no optimum value for the number of tags in the Tag Cloud and is due to the constantly changing Algorhitmen the search engines can not be determined.
Each article should be a minimum to get paid a maximum of four tags to make it easier to find later for the search engine.
Tag-Cloud additional dynamic sub-pages are attached, which in turn can be scoured by the search engine.
This can be compared with the similar content, but not that a post appears, but several contain this day.
The tags correctly applied is of great importance, as too many tags is striking for an article and in the worst case abgestaft.
Another such case is not known, but it can also result in the Google and other search engines, the tags and the resulting dynamic sub-pages simply ignore.
Then the blog would be somewhere in the deepest jungle recover search engine, which of course would not be the desired result of the optimization.
It would be important to mention also the way you should take only tags which refer to your article.
Example: You write an article about the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Now you should take day, relating also to the content as "South Africa" and not "hand ball".
That would be full of the subject over and could end badly, because:
Google remembers when a day does not belong on the subject and forms automatically to his mind: Black Hat.
This opportunity for search engine optimization is frowned upon and punished very fast.

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