How to Unlock the hidden preview feature for Windows 7 Task bar In Mozilla firefox

Windows 7 and the new Mozilla browser Firefox 3.6 is a pair of ideals. At least they were until the beta version of the 3.6er browser. For in the preview version was activated in Firefox browser windows-7-one function, which showed in the Windows 7 taskbar for each open tab a preview.In the final version of the Firefox browser, it unfortunately lacks. Use the following trick can be re-enabling the preview feature.
Thus the extended preview of the Firefox browser is activated:
1st Type in the address bar of your browser's address about: config a. confirm the security notice, click on the button I'll be careful promised.
2nd In the list of configuration settings, double click on the entry browser.taskbar.previews.enable by double-clicking the column, the entry in the value of false (off) to true (on) last.
That's it. Now, close only the browser and restart. Multiple tabs are opened, the Windows Taskbar shows for each tab its own preview, demonstrated once again in the system tray icon or Firefox is clicked. The trick: Runs a video in a tab, the movie is playing in the preview

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