The importance of the Zodiac signs

"Under what star sign you were born?" or "When is your birthday?" - A very common
question among people who have just met and intend to be friends - or who knows,
 maybe more. It is so that these people want to know just do not know when the 
other birthday celebrating, so he something can give him, but many - especially if 
they partner search are on and astrology believe in - are in fact looking for the "perfect
 "partner who is also" from the Zodiac to her suits them. " - At least that is, or was it to 
them in the context of astrology offers. In astrology, it's like this, that it is assumed that
 certain people sign under any circumstances to fit people of, the other a specific zodiac 
sign are. The fact is that in astrology the zodiac is always certain characteristics are assigned
. It is, for example, that the sign of Aries-born courage, initiative and dedication as a character attribute to have in a while a sign of Taurus-born senses the characteristics associated with the connection and reality are. The Zodiac - also named in the zodiac sign astrology - play a very important role and formed early on the most fundamental pillars of astrology itself.

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