How to Install Windows Live Messenger ?

1. As the security settings applied to the computer, it is possible that after you download and open the file he requested a warrant for his execution. If this happens, select the "Run" button.
2. In this step, the program displays the screen "Welcome" as it gathers information necessary to start the installation.
3. This step will display all programs available in the installation package. With a click on each displayed information about the content and functionality and to install, just select the desired items. If you already have a version of Windows Live Messenger installed on your computer, it will appear already selected for updating. Otherwise, you just select the dialog box next to the program and done this, click Install to continue or cancel to defer installation for another time.
4. Then, the program automatically starts the process and progress of the operation is shown by progress bars. At this stage, the process is nearly finished and you can use the "Cancel" button if you want to leave the facility for another time.
5. Then, the program displays a screen for you to choose some additional settings. You can set Live Search as its official provider of research, choose the page of as the home page of your internet browser and allow Microsoft to collect information about how you use the features installed for the purpose of studies to improve their and statistics. To activate any of the options, simply select the box next to it.
6. Now screen appears confirming the end of the process, if you do not have an ID system in Windows Live Messenger, select the "Subscribe" and a window will open from your browser so you can make your registration. If you already have, simply click the "close" and ready. Installation is complete and the login screen MSN opens

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