How To Install Windows 7 ?

In today's article, we will show in a very easy, step by step, how to perform the installation from 0 for Windows 7 that unlike previous versions is much faster and easier to install.
How to install Windows 7

1. Requirements:
  •      Processing more than 1 GHz or 32 or 64 Bits
  •      1 GB of RAM minimum, 2 GB for 64-Bit
  •      16 GB of free species in hard drive, 20 to 64 Bits
  •      Video card with support for DirectX 9

2. The support information
·                                 Before installing Windows 7, I recommend you make a back-up, and that deleting the hard disk information, you can not ever retrieve these files.

3. Elements required
     You need to have the following elements in order to install the new operating system from Microsoft:
  • ·      The installation DVD Windows 7
  • ·      Original License Windows 7

4. Configure start up BIOS
·                                 Once you turn on your PC, you maintain the Delete key

Then Find the option for the boot (Boot)

·                                 Enter the options present, look for "First Boot Device" and will choose CD / DVD.
·    Then press the Escape key to exit and F10 to save changes


Install operating system

1.      Insert the DVD in Windows 7
2.      We see a text like the following "Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD", press any key
3.      Finally we will see the splash screen of Windows 7, where we ask the language and other options. We select the English and then finished setting the time and the keyboard
4.      We click on the "Install now.”
5.      Then you should read the contract of license from Microsoft and then accept the license terms. Finally you must click next.
6.      On the next screen will have two options, to update the (Upgrade) and custom installation (custom). We click Custom.
7.      Choose any partition we have available and click install. If we do not have formatted the hard drive, we will have to click on "Format" to render files to that partition.
8.      Once you've formatted the partition, located where you want to install Windows 7 and give click next.
9.      Once finished copying files, write a user name and computer name if you want. Click on Next
10.  On the next screen we ask a password, which obviously will be optional and staff. You can leave these fields blank if you wish. Click Next.

11.  In this window enter the serial number Windows 7, will finally clicking below

12.  On the next screen choose "Use recommended settings"

13.  Set your time zone depending on where you are.

14.  In this step you should choose the location of the equipment; House (red domestic), Jobs (network), Cyber or other (public network).
                 15. You've finally finished with the installation of Windows.

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