Some Facts About Anti-virus

Hi Guys , Here in this article i am providing you some interesting and amazing facts about antivirus which many of us dont know. I am sure that you wiill like it. I hope so. SO if you like my post be a frequent visitor. Ok we will update our blog daily so keep reading. By the by what we say . Oh """" Ya Anti- Virus. Ok read it and enjoy and be a genious yourself.

Definition for Antivirus

    Software for locating and removing a computer virus on a machine.


It exists on the market for anti-virus approaches: 
- Those who have a list of viruses and their derivatives. Those looking for a file known as a virus in their base, and is trying to disinfect or delete the infected file, or quarantine it.
- Those who scan the source code files to find pieces of malicious code for the integrity of the system. Some people advocate using both types of anti-virus front in order to limit vulnerabilities. Others advise using an anti-virus and firewall at the same time.

Ok Now you got some fundamentals know so enjoy.

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