How to choose a good domain name?

An Internet domain is very important for marketing in search engines and for the marketing of products via the Web. Here I give you a little help in choosing the appropriate domain. The following questions should be answered to the purchase of a domain before.

Which domain should I choose?
Your web address should have the same theme as the entire portal. If you want to write about such a cruise, cruise in, the word domain names are available. Domains can use a connection to the content come up in search engines much better.

Should I have a long or short domain name registration?
A short name can be almost everyone memorize a lot better than a longer one.Therefore, he should be as short as possible. The shorter the better for the portal operator. Long domains are often used for search engine optimization to push around second portals.

What rights must be respected?
Anyone who registers a domain name that is also responsible for this. Before applying for a provider to all rights must be clarified. Trademark law is crucial. You may not use the name are under trademark protection.

Should I apply for a domain with a hyphen?
If it does not really have to, you should avoid domain names with a hyphen or underscore. Domains that are written together, you can better by. Hyphenated domains can also be marketed on the Internet very well. It also depends on the quality or the content of the page if this succeeds or not.

What domain extension to choose?
There are hundreds of Internet domain suffixes that can be ordered. In India, you should register the domain you with the These addresses are available in search engines when users look better in that then. For domains in the U.S. offer, for example. Com or. In net. For me, the domains. Com, . NET,. Org and. Biz the most important attributes. It is best to register it is a typical domain you want

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Anonymous said...

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September 29, 2011 at 9:38 PM
yuther said...

Really useful tips for registering Domain name....You can follow the tips before register domain name..I here share my points for registering a Good Domain name...

1) Make it a dot-com if .com not available you can search for other extension like .net , .org , .info etc.
2) Short and easy to spell
3) Be defensive with misspellings
4) Protect your brand with other extensions
5) Avoid long hyphenated URLs
6) Register domains for as long as possible ...
7)Register paid domain name ,it will best and look professional than a free domain name.

You can follow these steps and register the Domain name low cost from and get many free services like E-Mail plan,Hosting etc.

October 9, 2012 at 6:46 PM

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