What is Stem Cell Research ?

In recent years, stem cell research has undergone a successful development: early 20thCentury, researchers had the primary basis for cell research developed: a collection of cells could be reproduced in culture dish. During the sixties, scientists discovered the first time a revolutionary type of cells in the bone marrow of mice. Since the 1970s, which is stem cell therapy in pathological lesions of the blood like leukemia conducted. In 1981, the first time stem cells from mouse embryos cultured in the laboratory. Research results showed the existence of stem cells in umbilical cord blood of the embryo. Shortly thereafter, test subjects with anemia-administered to a cord blood disease. Since the mid-1990s by the science in many internal organs and tissues of adult stem cells. These stem cells were able to be processed so from now that they are stably propagated. From these stem cells from embryos, cells that are similar to the nerve cells develop, so the clinical management department sclerosis similar nerve disorders in the research projects improved.Beginning of this century was the research department in Sweden, a breakthrough: The brain-derived stem cells in adult mice made the production of tissue types possible by the location of their planting, for example, the structure of the heart get dependent. Similarly, people familiar with stem cells from the research community now by the same reaction possible: In 2001, the targeted cells to the marrow of the bone in individuals with a previous heart attack to repair the diseased tissue area uses off. Adopted in 2002, the German Parliament, only to imported embryonic stem cells and specific instructions to tolerate this line of research. Parents can be a stem cell storage of cord blood cause of that he possibly affiliated or kinship itself can be useful forever. The giving birth can also be removed from pull one: the corresponding skin is taken from the placenta detached from and stored in refrigerators, or can be used in skin grafts after that. Own stem cells from the skin are excellent for the use of stem cells in the recovery dermatology in the preparation of tissue types, and up into old age can be used. In contrast to cells from the marrow of the bones and skin, the umbilical cord blood also has countless stem cells - the procedure is also simple and harmless. Due to progress in the fields of stem cell research, there are well-founded suspicion, in years, diseases such as arthritis by means of a stem cell therapy can improve a few that.

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