Wordpress and SEO tricks

WordPress is to optimize for the search engine is not exactly easy, nor feasible in minutes.
The use of plug-in is only partially helpful, because the best plug-in is useful only if other measures are little neglected or ignored completely.
For this reason, I have a small article series planned with 3 parts, which bit by bit over a week spread is published.
In every part of the series I will address various topics important to the search engines, but also for the ease of use.
For only an optimal combination of both has led to a higher ranking in search engine results and more visitors to the blog.
Topics in the three-part "series" to be treated are:

·                                 SEO Plug-in for WordPress
I will present a few plug-in that you can help in the optimization.
However, I will not go into every detail, but only write short and concise summary.

·                                 Permalinks
The permalinks are important to Google when they are properly formatted.
The optimal solution is not, there are only improvements to the WordPress default show I will.

·                                 Internal linking
Internal linking is important to first for the user experience as the lead visitors through the visitor through the blog on topics close to the second item and for search engine optimization because it reinforces certain areas of the blog.

·                                 Sitemap
A Sitemap can also help to ease their part, but I see it more as a help for the search engines because important information such as the last change, relevance and more are stored and published for the search engines.

·                                 Optimized posts
Texts should be written primarily for the visitors, but you can optimize use of tricks these texts as they are easy to read for visitors and for search engines are easy to find.

Tags With a cloud is increasingly similar to the internal linkage of certain aspects of blogs.
The correct use of tags
 is easy to observe a few tips.

·                                                    Optimized title tag
The title tag is displayed in search engine results and is intended to attract users to your site.
Only with an optimized title tag that works.

·                                 Archive Links optimize
The standard WordPress navigation for the archive is very bad for the search engine crawler is not because the number of times to further clicks.
This problem can be very easy with a few clicks and a plug change and improve.

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